Interviewer:  So, what are your plans to improve the education system issues such as teachers wages, affordable College, stuff like that?
Matthew: Ok, I definitely see where there's a concern, from the people I've talked to about education.  So, increasing teachers wages, I think this would be a good area to start because if you have better wages for teachers you're going to track higher quality of teachers which are going to provide a better education system.  There's been a pilot program for school in Utah where they've been increasing the wages on teachers to try to draw better teachers to the area, and that has not only lowered the turnover that they've had at that school, but it's also improved School Achievements because they're able to better instruct the kids as they kinda get into a rythm and everything.  So, with that it would be a matter of looking into the budget and seeing how we can work towards funding the school better, or seeing if we can come up with some different programs to help give additional funding to the schools.  As far as the college, one of the things that I've come across recently was an article in New York.  In New York they recently signed a tuition assistance program into what they're doing, and essentially what that does is it helps provide "free college" for college students and then the stipulations to that is however long you receive aid, you just have to remain living within the state and working within the state for that amount of time.  So, if you have a bachelor's programs, you get assistance for four years, four years after you graduate you have to live in that state and work which attracts people with degrees working in those high level fields and it helps to bolster the economy.  So, those are areas where I want to try to look into improving and if anybody has other ideas on what they think might help, that's definitely where I encourage everybody to email me at any time, and I want your voice to be heard.

Interviewer: Do you find that there are any issues with current law enforcement in their ability to Serve and Protect the community, and if so what would your solutions to those problems be?
Matthew:  With law enforcement, I have heard from a couple different sources that they are understaffed, and so that is one area that I would want to look into is increasing the number of people that we can have available.  We do have, some State Troopers that I talked to, we have people that are working seven to eight days in a row with one day off and then doing the same thing again the next week.  We definitely want to try to improve staffing not just so there's enough people, but so that way we can give adequate time off.  If you're working more than a week straight with one day off it's going to start wear on you after a while and then that's going to drop productivity and the effectiveness of the Troopers.  So, one of the troopers that I spoke to he stated that as long as he's worked with the Department he's received a couple of raises, each time it was about 7%.  And he didn't want to speak for everybody but he said that him personally, he would much rather see 7% more Troopers on the road than receive that 7% if it is that's what it came down to.  So, this would be an area where again, I don't want to speak for everybody I want to work with everybody so I would want to contact like the State Patrol department, get everyone's input on what they think would help them in their areas and try to work with them to solve that problem not work to solve it in place of them but work with them so we can come to a good solution together.

My name is Matthew Wood, and on November 6th 2018 Colorado will be electing a new Governor. I've decided to run as an independent candidate for this position, and I'm asking for your help. I've decided to run for Governor of Colorado because I want to help the state continue to move in a positive and Progressive Direction. Prior to 2008 Colorado was known as a dry state, which meant that all liquor stores were closed on Sundays.  Since then that had not only been repealed, but Colorado has progressed to become an example on how to effectively legalize recreational marijuana usage.  There are definitely areas were Colorado excels, but there are also areas were Colorado struggles. What I want to do is take those areas were Colorado is falling behind and find the states that are doing extremely well and follow their example to help Colorado improve in these areas. I also want to help Colorado continue to lead the rest of the nation in other areas such as a better reliance on clean and renewable energy. I feel that solar power can be very useful, and that we should have less of a reliance on fossil fuels and work towards more electric or hybrid vehicle transportation. Now, helping Colorado continue in a positive and progressive direction I have plenty of things that I would like to implement, but if I were to assume that I knew all the problems that plagued Coloradoans that would be naive, so what I would like to do is ask all of the people in Colorado to email me directly at woodforcolorado@gmail.com. What I would like you to do is add in the city that you live in as the subject line and then had any questions, comment,s or concerns you have about Colorado that you would like addressed. I will address as many of these through email if I can, but if something seems to be a huge problem then I will make a video to address it directly that way.

I decided run as an independent candidate for numerous reasons. First of all, especially after this last election we know that there's not only a divide between the parties, but within the parties themselves. Also, we have extremes on the far left wing and on the far right wing. If we give too much power to either wing, we're going to end up spiraling out of control. So what we need is people that are closer to the center that can help pilot and control each side to keep us moving straight forward. Another factor to running as an independent candidate is that I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with both parties in different issues. What I feel needs to happen is that we need to find a common ground that benefits the people of Colorado and not necessarily each political party. Now running as an independent candidate, I want to hear from both sides. So what I'm again asking everybody to do is email me directly at woodforcolorado@gmail.com. Please in the subject line include the city in which you live, so that way I can start to compile where different issues of Colorado may lie. If something is a Statewide issue, or if it's localized so that way I can best address it. I want to try to address all of these as best as I can through email. If something does seem to be a big problem, then I will make a video to address it that way as well. Thank you.